Why is having a place to visit important?2018-11-06T07:20:17-06:00

Having a permanent place of remembrance to visit is important because it provides a focal point for memorializing the deceased. To remember, and be remembered, are natural human needs. Throughout human history, memorialization of the dead has been a key component of almost every culture. Psychologists say that remembrance practices serve an important emotional function for survivors to help begin the healing process.

What is permanent memorialization?2018-11-06T07:20:32-06:00

Permanent memorialization is a visual symbol through the establishment of markers/monuments or name plaques at a cemetery. It is a time-honored tradition practiced through the centuries. Selecting and  establishing a permanent memorial for a family member or loved one not only satisfies an immediate need, but also fulfills the need to preserve our heritage and to provide future generations the opportunity to honor our loved ones.

What are some considerations for scattering?2018-11-06T07:19:53-06:00

We understand why some people value scattering as a means of final disposition; however, there are important considerations that should be recognized before a decision is made. If scattering occurs in an undeveloped area it is important to note that it may be developed in the future or the land use may change, making it difficult for survivors to visit. Having a permanent place to visit is an important component of healthy grief resolution and the healing process. Roselawn Memorial Park is currently developing a scattering garden to meet the needs of survivors by providing the option to ceremoniously scatter the cremated remains of a loved one, while providing a permanent memorial that will provide current and future generations the opportunity to honor loved ones.

What is a Columbarium?2018-11-06T07:20:50-06:00

A columbarium, often located within a mausoleum or chapel, sometimes freestanding, either indoor or outdoor, is constructed of numerous small components (niches) designed to hold urns containing cremated remains.

What is an Ossuary?2018-11-05T16:50:24-06:00

An ossuary is a common receptacle to hold cremated remains. There is no individual interment right and placement of remains is irreversible.


How much does cemetery property cost?2023-01-16T12:15:13-06:00

The price of cemetery property normally varies throughout a cemetery based on type of burial or inurnment and various location parameters. Please see our General Price List. Please also feel free to call our Advance Planning Memorialization Specialists anytime at (217) 525-1661 if additional assistance or guidance is necessary.

What is the advantage of pre-arranging and/or pre-funding my cemetery plans?2018-11-06T07:22:28-06:00

Planning ahead can help you reach goals, ease worries and save money. It eases the decision making burden for loved ones and helps ensure family members know your views and wishes. Planning ahead also allows you the opportunity to compare the many options available and to agree upon those that best fit the needs of you and your family.

I already own my cemetery property. Can I pre-arrange/pre-fund my funeral expenses and additional cemetery expenses such as the opening and closing of the grave?2018-11-06T07:22:20-06:00

Yes, this can be done using insurance policies or trusts created specifically for funeral and cemetery costs and can be arranged through your funeral director and/or cemeterian. Please feel free to call us at (217) 525-1661 to set-up an appointment to meet with one of our Advance Planning Memorialization Specialists.

What can be done with the cremated remains?2018-11-06T07:18:10-06:00

With cremation, your options are numerous. The cremated remains can be interred in a cemetery space (ground memorial, cremation bench, cremation boulder), retained by a family member, or scattered on private property.


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