Effective July 2016

Artificial and fresh cut flowers are allowed at Roselawn Memorial Park. They will be left on the gravesite for the season as long as they are in approved permanent vases unless they become unsightly.

Roselawn Memorial Park strives to ensure the safety of both visitors and our employees. The following rules and regulations have been established for this purpose and to help keep your Memorial Park beautiful.

  1. For the safety of all in the park, no glass containers, statuary, ceramics, terracotta, resin, exposed wires, toys or breakable items are permitted at any time. They will be removed and discarded.
  2. Shepherds hooks are not allowed in the park, for safety reasons during mowing season.
  3. No coping, curbing, fencing, or borders of any kind. No rock, bark, or similar materials are allowed on or around any grave, monuments, or markers. We will remove all existing landscaping in a time frame so that families of said landscaping can be notified.
  4. No plantings are allowed anywhere in Roselawn, other than what is planted by the Roselawn staff.
  5. Temporary markers are allowed for 45 days unless otherwise approved by the Roselawn office.
  6. Evergreen grave blankets, half blankets, and grave pillows will be allowed from December 1 through February 15.
  7. Roselawn Memorial Park will conduct a grounds clean up twice a year. Any grave decorations should be removed prior to these dates. Please do not place any flowers or decorations during this time frame. The clean up dates are:
     – March 1st through March 15th
     – November 1st through November 15th
  8. Roselawn will typically remove all holiday decorations one week after holidays. Easter, Mothers Day, Memorial Day, Fathers Day, 4th of July, and other public holidays. Decorations for personal holidays such as birthdays and anniversaries will also be removed one week after event.
  9. The only types of permanent vases permitted are bronze, granite, aluminum or zinc, which may be purchased at our office.
  10. Roselawn is not responsible for theft or damage to any personal property or floral arrangements placed on or near interment rights or elsewhere in the park.
  11. Please observe the speed limit of 10 miles per hour and do not drive or park on the grass.
  12. Seasonal artificial floral arrangements and winter wreaths are available for sale at the Roselawn Memorial Park office.
  13. Each grave may be decorated with one live or artificial floral arrangement.