Effective September 2016

The columbariums within Roselawn Memorial Park include all in the Parkview Cremation Garden, Garden of Memories, Evergreen South and North, Lincoln, and the Pet Cemetery.

  1. Use approved vases for flowers. Flowers may not exceed the niche front. Do not cover neighbor’s niche.
  2. Do not hang anything from the vase, as it will cause damage to the granite and vase. You will be responsible for the repairs.
  3. No tape, glue or other adhesive to attach anything to the granite.
  4. Do not wedge or stick anything between the niches.
  5. One decoration may be placed in the flower beds for holidays and special personal days and will remain for approximately 1 week.
  6. Benches are not shelves; do not block the path to the benches with decorations.
  7. Please be respectful in and around the columbaria.

A full set of rules and regulations can be found at the Roselawn Memorial Park administrative office.