Roselawn Memorial Park offers several cemetery property options to help you memorialize the lives of your loved ones for years to come. Having a permanent place of remembrance—in a cemetery, columbarium, or cremation garden—that can be visited regularly by family and friends not only satisfies an immediate need, but also fulfills the need to preserve our heritage and to provide future generations the opportunity to honor loved ones.

Our options include traditional ground spaces (flush and upright), personal estates, columbaria, cremation garden ground spaces, cremation benches and boulders, and natural burial offerings.

Flush Memorials

Taking into consideration cemetery trends, flush memorial sections are developed in various areas throughout the cemetery. These only allow bronze or granite memorials that are level with the ground, creating a garden-like appearance throughout those areas. Monuments and flush memorials can be designed and purchased through our office, or in your home.

Upright Monuments

Choices allow families to proudly display their memorialization with granite monuments. Two sections have this privilege: Brookview and Lincoln Memorial. Monuments enable families to design unique, permanent displays which can be found year-round and which express the personality of the deceased or the family through many different granite colors, shapes and inscriptions.

Personal Estates

Personal and Family Estate mausoleums provide superior above ground entombment in a private structure on a landscaped cemetery estate and include:

  • A personal or family mausoleum provides superior above-ground entombment in a private structure and offers protection from water and the elements of the earth.
  • The everlasting testimonial of a personal or family mausoleum is an especially meaningful illustration of recognition for an individual or family and visually exemplifies the impact they made on their communities.
  • A personal or family mausoleum is a pleasant, tranquil place for those loved ones left behind to connect spiritually and emotionally with their loss.
  • Purchasing a personal or family mausoleum is a particularly sound and permanent investment in the future. A mausoleum lasts for centuries, eliminates the need for additional merchandise such as burial vaults and memorials or markers.
  • A family mausoleum provides a single, final resting place for all members of an immediate family even as life pulls them in different directions. Uniting family members in a space-efficient manner eases the path for other generations to connect with their heritage.
  • Purchasing a personal or family mausoleum before it is needed gives the benefit of knowing that survivors will not inherit the financial and emotional burden of making memorial arrangements.
  • Personal Estates are an estate tax excluded Item.


A cenotaph is an monument where the body is not present; a memorial erected in honor of a person or group whose physical remains are elsewhere. Cenotaphs have been erected in cemeteries since ancient times–often designed to honor soldiers and civilians lost to war or natural disasters. Today, cenotaphs commonly serve as a permanent place of remembrance for families that have chosen not to inter the cremated remains of their loved one or for family members who may not live near the burial site for a loved one, but who find value in having a place to visit, remember, and reflect. The cenotaph at Roselawn is constructed of granite and offers the option to place a bronze memorial plaque or butterfly to honor your loved one. For additional information about cenotaph options, please feel free to call us at (217) 525-1661.

Natural Burial

Green, or natural, burial is a way of caring for the dead with minimal environmental impact that aids in the conservation of natural resources, reduction of carbon emissions, protection of worker health, and the restoration and/or preservation of habitat. Natural Burial in Greenview offers a simpler and more natural approach to end-of-life rituals by following the standards set forth by the Green Burial Council.