Roselawn Memorial Park has a rich history that begins with a unique connection to Camp Butler. Camp Butler, a Civil War training camp for Illinois volunteers, was located in the area known today as Camp Butler National Cemetery and Roselawn Memorial Park. Operated from 1861-1866, Camp Butler was the second largest training camp in Illinois during the Civil War and also served as a prison camp for captured Confederate soldiers. The first troops arrived at Camp Butler in August 1861 and after being trained as either cavalry or infantry soldiers, boarded trains at Jimtown (now Riverton) and headed off to war. All that remains of Camp Butler today is the national cemetery, which contains the graves of more than 1,600 Confederate and Union soldiers, as well as generations of servicemen and women, and their families. Most of the land on which the camp stood was returned to cropland or occupied by private residences. Part of the south camp and its adjacent drill fields are now part of Roselawn Memorial Park.

More than 60 years later, Roselawn Memorial Park was incorporated on August 30, 1927. The founders of Roselawn included Louis E. Frost, A.E. Rouland, and R.G. Hobbs, all of Springfield. In March 1956, the cemetery was purchased by W.T. Vancil. The Vancil family, most recently represented by Bill Vancil, Jr., provided exemplary service to the community for more than 50 years.

For more than 80 years, Roselawn Memorial Park has been providing dignified care to the loved ones of the families it has served. The Butler Family is continuing this historic legacy of service and looks forward to building on the rich history of this beautiful memorial park.


Roselawn Memorial Park is an attractive and peaceful sanctuary, offering a variety of memorial alternatives in a tranquil setting for reflection and memories. Over the years, many significant and lasting monuments have been incorporated into the park-like landscape of Roselawn Memorial Park including a reproduction of the famed daVinci painting, “The Last Supper” and a tribute to Lord Alfred Tennyson, past Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom and one of the most recognized English poets in history. Other monuments and statues depicting the Lord’s Prayer, a Guardian Angel and the Good Shepherd can be found throughout the grounds, which are separated into sections donned with historic, religious and commemorative names. The paramount sections of Roselawn Memorial Park include the Lincoln Memorial; Graceland; the Gardens of Peace, Love, Memories, and Roses; Tennyson Gardens; Sunset and Sunrise; Apostles; and the Good Shepherd, as well as sections dedicated to the Springfield Masons and the Springfield American Legion Post.

With an extensive amount of undeveloped acreage, Roselawn Memorial Park will continue to provide future generations a place of history, beauty and dignity to treasure the memories of those who have gone before.


Roselawn Memorial Park strives to provide dignity, respect, and exceptional service to the families and communities it serves.

Our caring, experienced staff will guide you through every step of the memorial planning process. We will help you plan the most fitting permanent tribute for your departed loved one and assist your family in every way possible.

Roselawn serves families representing all religions, cultures, and walks of life in a tradition of compassion, integrity, and excellence. No matter what your background, we will serve your family with kindness, consideration and professionalism.