Burial Options

Upright Monument

Choices allow families to proudly display their memorialization with granite monuments. Two sections have this privilege: Brookview and Lincoln Memorial. Monuments enable families to design unique, permanent displays which can be found year round and which express the type of person they are through many different granite colors, shapes and inscriptions.

Flush Memorial Sections

Taking into consideration cemetery trends, flush memorial sections are developed in various areas throughout the cemetery. These only allow bronze or granite memorials that are level with the ground, creating a garden-like appearance throughout those areas. Monuments and flush memorials can be designed and purchased through our office, or in your home.


Often, when the choice is cremation, the perception is that the cremation process is the final step in the process. This does not need to be the case; when cremation is chosen, a final, permanent resting place allows for the life to be memorialized for immediate family as well as future generations. This permanency is the pillar of memories, communities and recognizing the significance for the individual's life as it was lived.

Inurnment Within Traditional Grave Space

Regular spaces throughout the entire park can be used for burial of cremated remains. Standard memorials can be installed just as they would be for traditional ground burial. Roselawn allows two cremated remains to be inurned within one standard space, or one casketed and one cremated remains, with a second right of interment.

Parkview Cremation Garden

In April of 2009, after recognizing the community's desire for additional options for memorialization following cremation, Roselawn Memorial Park created the Parkview Cremation Garden. The Parkview Cremation Garden was designed to provide permanent memorialization for individuals and families who choose cremation services and to provide an attractive and peaceful sanctuary where people can find serenity when visiting a loved one. The Parkview Cremation Garden offers a variety of affordable options including the Virtues of Life Columbarium and Ossuary, Cremation Benches, Cremation Boulders and Urn Garden Memorials.

Virtues of Life Columbarium

The Virtues of Life Columbarium is a beautiful granite structure that provides for the inurnment of your loved one. Columbarium niches can be purchased individually or as a companion niche for two people in the Virtues of Life, Evergreen, Lord's Prayer and Park View South Columbariums.

Granite Cremation Benches or Memorial Boulders

These memorials can be added to many different areas of the cemetery (with management approval) as a way to add burial options or to enhance areas where traditional burials cannot be performed. Cored holes are integrated into the granite, allowing a concealed area for cremated remains to be permanently placed.

Urn Garden Cremation Memorial

For those who prefer ground burial, the Parkview Cremation Garden offers individual and companion Urn Garden Cremation Memorials. Preinstalled bronze on granite memorials with special containers to hold cremated remains offer the most economical option for in-ground cremation inurnment.

Greenview Natural Burial

Roselawn Memorial Park has recently developed a natural burial area at Roselawn Memorial Park called Greenview; the first of its kind in the area. Natural burial is an environmentally sustainable alternative to conventional burial. Roselawn Memorial Park will provide conservation based, cost effective, eco-friendly burial services in harmony with the natural surroundings.

Natural burial differs from traditional burial in that body is placed in a casket made of renewable, biodegradable material (bamboo, wicker, and willow) or wrapped in a fabric burial shroud, instead of being placed in a traditional wood or metal casket. Embalming is prohibited unless utilizing formaldehyde-free nontoxic and biodegradable embalming fluid. The grave may be opened by hand as opposed to using heavy machinery and the natural casket is gently placed directly in the earth. Gradually, the body returns to the earth in a natural progression. Each burial space is carefully platted, recorded and marked with numbered, lettered pins inserted into the ground. If you wish, the space can have an approved memorial (such as engraved natural stone markers) placed on the actual plot.

Ceremonies are encouraged and Roselawn Memorial Park will work with local Green Burial Council-approved funeral providers to ensure that you and your loved ones can create a meaningful service. Currently, Butler Funeral Homes & Cremation Tribute Center is the only Green Burial Council approved provider in the area. Roselawn Memorial Park honors those who desire a simple, natural approach to the end of life. As it pays tribute to the deceased, it also celebrates the living by contributing to sustainable practices. For more information about the natural burial options available in the Greenview section at Roselawn Memorial Park, please call us at (217) 525-1661. For more information about Green Funeral Options, please call Butler Funeral Homes and Cremation Tribute Center at (217) 544-4646.

Personal and Family Private Estates

Personal and Family Private Estate mausoleums provide superior above ground entombment in a private structure on a landscaped cemetery estate and include: